Paddy’s Day, Shopping and Pasta (Day 76)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Tis the day to be Irish the world over.  I remember being in Paris back in 2003 on Paddy’s Day, the Irish Pubs were so packed and wild you could barely get into them. Sometimes I think it’s more fun to be abroad to celebrate the day.  When you’re here it […]

One of these days I’m gonna turn into a cheese toastie (Day 75)

It’s incredible the difference taking action can make. I was feeling so crap most of the day, overwhelmed by how far I’ve yet to go with building our business, looking at all the stuff people online in our creative business group are doing, feeling like they’re all miles ahead of me and far more productive. […]

Chocolate cake, chocolate boys, chocolate… books? (Day 74)

Lately I always seem to do my daily scribble at the end of a long day and as a result, I’m usually tired and uninspired. Today is no different, given I woke at 6 am so I could drop Alex into town to catch a bus to Dublin, worked a full day in the restaurant […]

Amateur Photographer turns pro… (Day 73)

I don’t think I have a creative idea left in my body at this point.  I’ve spent around 3 hours staring intensely at my phone editing photos.  To be fair, the photos are pretty damn awesome.  No exaggeration, yes I’m bragging, no I don’t care. I recently discovered a few tricks with my photo-editing App […]

A Better Day (Day 72)

I’m bored.  I don’t feel like writing this today. I don’t feel like doing anything except eating chocolate and watching TV. Since the weekend and my period and feeling so down and out, my sweet-tooth has been back in full-force once again and evening sugar fasts are gone. I’m sure they’ll come back again.  Right […]

When your Inner Critic is running the show… (Day 71)

Today I had a battle with my inner critic.  It didn’t go well. I woke up tired from a busy weekend; a late night on Saturday meeting up with a creative business group in Dublin, a long day wandering around the city yesterday (and some fun meeting an old friend!) and then the bus journey […]

Cork Girl heads home (Day 70)

I very nearly headed off to bed without doing today’s scribble, I completely forgot! Given it’s now 11.40 pm, forgive me but I’m not going to write much.  I didn’t leave Dublin til 7 pm and with going out last night and walking all around the city today I’m really tired. I’m sure I’ll have […]

Cork Girl goes to Dublin (Day 69)

It’s weird the moods we can get into. I’m up in Dublin; I love big cities, I’m quite fond of the Irish capital and yet right now, I would give anything to be home in Cork. I’m lonely and homesick and every little thing that goes wrong makes me want to curl up in a […]

Last-Minute-Dot-Com… Doh! (Day 68)

It’s official, I’m a total doofus. Having not booked my accommodation for Dublin until around fifteen hours before I was supposed to be arriving into Dublin, I ended up booking somewhere through AirB&B that was pending confirmation yesterday evening. A little concerned that I still didn’t have a definite place sorted for tonight, I went […]

International Women’s Day…. aaand my period (Day 67)

Day 67 and I’m tired and just want to curl up on the couch and do NOTHING! Instead of doing nothing all evening I’ve been doing several somethings, such as running around in the rapidly fading light trying to catch a pretty shot for today’s Instagram post after work, booking accommodation for Dublin for the […]